Founded in 1981, Smater s.r.l is a company specializing in the production of injection-molded technical goods in plastic and rubber, servicing various industrial sectors.

Quality, innovation, efficiency and reliability are our distinguishing features which made us always stand out and allow us to establish strong relationships with major domestic and international players.

We engage with our costumers step by step, from design stage to delivery of the finished product.

Our ability, as a supplier, to bring such different worlds as that of plastic and rubber together has allowed Smater, over the years, to provide our customers with new solutions, thus maintaining high competitiveness on international markets and a single representative for every need.

Our 40 years of experience, first certification obtained in 1998, together with high technology and an unmatched flexibility allow us to respond effectively to specific needs of the reference sector in an extremely short time.

Our history


Smater was founded by Nazzareno Cantamessa as a support to other companies belonging to the Cantamessa family related to injection-molded plastic and rubber components for the electrical and industrial sector. 


The Company specializes in the production of hubcaps for the alloy wheel sector, quickly becoming the national market leader. 


We start supplying important players all over Europe, expanding our market internationally. 


Smater obtains its first ISO 9001 quality management system certification, a guarantee of the high quality of our products. 


The Company increases the number of machinery, doubling its production capacity. 


Nazzareno Cantamessa’s sons Luca and Andrea join their father at the helm of the company. 


A new “post curing” area is created by adding two new furnaces for the treatment of high-performance rubber components. 


Our quality control team  introduces new techniques for improved production oversight.  


The company expands its warehouse to a total of 1300 square meters. 


Smater replaces its previous fume abatement system with a latest generation one, to ensure further steps towards the cancellation of its environmental impact and, therefore, ensure its eco-sustainability. Staff numbers are increased hiring additional specialized members.


The company acquires latest generation presses for plastic and vertical rubber molding, specific for rubber-metal and rubber-plastic overmolding, looking towards Industry digitalisation 4.0. 


We are certified ISO 9001:2015 since 1998.  

We respect the high quality standards expected by our customers, thus we are constantly improving our company and its organisational structure.  

We can guarantee high quality products, at competitive costs and with the utmost attention to safety. All our products follow the standard quality plan that we designed and must pass specific tests in order to guarantee the highest quality to the end costumer.