Plastic injection molding

Injection molding of plastic materials is a strong point for Smater and is a production process that guarantees numerous advantages, including cost optimisation, variety of sectors of use and large production numbers. 

The molding department is equipped with automated islands and injection presses that ensure rapidity and quality, increasing the autonomy of daily production, thanks to the assistance of Cartesian robots and automatic separators. 

The network connection of all our presses allows constant control of all orders and the traceability of all parameters adopted. 

The high flexibility of our systems allows us to meet the most diverse needs, being able to manage big and small production batches, starting from the classical mono material injection molding in an automatic cycle up to the injection overmolding of parts in a semi-automatic cycle with operator on board of the machine used to join two different materials, e.g. plastic and metal (overmolding of metal inserts, screws, nuts, etc.) or plastic and rubber (rubber-plastic overmolding). This guarantees a constant aesthetic control of the pieces and the process all along the production.