We specialize in the production of accessories for alloy wheels (OEM and Aftermarket) and underhood components made of thermoplastics and rubber (pipettes, collars, bellows, caps…). 

Energy transmission and distribution

We boast a consolidated experience in the production of components for power lines (terminal blocks, sockets, dampers, warning devices…). 


We produce essential accessories for the installation of infrastructures (cable cleats, cable glands, loops, accessories for installation, wall boxes…). 

Household appliance

We produce components for the household appliances industry (iron rest pad, components for washing machines and dishwashers…). 

Pumps and accessories for fluids handling

 We produce multiple components suitable for the transportation of liquid or gaseous substances (pump casings, flanges, rotors, fans…).

Security valves

We injection mold everything related to the industry of gas control valves (protective caps, piston calipers, steering wheels, cams, buttons, diffusers…). 


We are partners of various companies operating in the production of textile machinery, providing them with injection molded components (pedals, pins, brake assembly, compasses, cams, handles, supports…). 


We support the main companies in the metalworking industry by supplying them injection molded technical plastic and rubber products with complex shapes (anti-vibration, insulators, pulleys…).